Theme it. Geek it. Loot it.

Ok, so you want to throw a party and you would like it to be geek themed. That’s awesome. No, really. You are awesome. But let me give you a few tips and try to make it the best geek party ever. There are usually three main pillars regarding theme parties: Ambiance, Food (+drinks) and Content. No worries about having to spend a lot of money, we geeks have to save up for really important things, like comic books, board games and stuff. We’re gonna go low budget here. Let’s break it down and rock this motherf***er.



First one is easy. It’s basically about introducing your guests to the theme. It doesn’t matter what kind of geek theme you chose for this particular party, it can be really specific (a movie, tv series, book, game, etc.) or really generic, like a fictional genre (fantasy, Sci-Fi, board games, thriller novels, etc.). You have to think that it all begins at your doorstep, so some décor wouldn’t be a bad idea, plus it helps your guests locate where the hell they have to go if it’s their first time on your neighborhood. Keep it simple, a poster or some Halloween leftover props would suffice. Think of it more like a signal rather than some elaborate message. If you are having a murder mystery party (Oh God, I love those) you can take that opportunity to leave the first clue. If you are having a movie marathon, you can print some old style movie posters, resembling those from the late 50’s. Heck, you can even paint your door with fake blood if you are having a monster movie night (be sure to notify your neighbors though!).

So after they knock on your door (and trust me, they are already loving it) comes the music. It’s the first thing they’ll notice on their way in, so make sure is loud and clear (upon designated party laws on your neighborhood). I can’t even begin to describe how many options you’ve got for music on the internet. If you want to go legal, try putting together a playlist on Youtube or Spotify (but beware of ads, because they completely break the ambiance).

Next is décor. Remember we are talking low budget here, so just put together whatever merchandising you have on the theme of the party. Posters and flyers are always easy to find or print and don’t usually take a lot of your party budget. If that’s not possible, you can always craft whatever you need. The internet is full (and I mean FULL) of places you’ll find tutorials on geeky DIY. You can try this, this, thisthis or this (if you are a high tech kind of geek). Pick one and give it a try.

If you set this three things right, you are going to have to drag people out of your house at the end of the night because, trust me, no one will want to leave. Ever.


Food and drinks

Ok, we’ve already covered this front on an earlier post and we’ll get back to it in the future, so we are not going to repeat it here. Food and drinks are one of the most customizable elements in any party, so take advantage of that and start being creative. Again, Internet is your savior my geek friend. You’ve got plenty of websites, blogs and Youtube channels eager to show you how it’s done. Pick two or three, don’t overdo it, and complement it with same old low budget snacks like chips and such. If you are good at the kitchen you are already half way there. Regarding drinks, we are working on a geek cocktail post to be published within the next week, so stay tuned.



This is key. And I mean KEY.  All you’ve done regarding ambiance and food will be useless if you don’t nail your party’s content. Now, usually, your party’s theme will be an obvious clue on what your content will be. If you are having a Lord of the Rings movie night, you might want to prepare your DVDs for a screening pass, you know, just in case your guest thought you were actually going to see the F**KING LOTR MOVIES!!! (Extended version btw). If you have a more generic party theme you might (and when I say might, I say should) want to plan some activities for the night. There are usually three things you can always do at a party, which are games, music and chat. Games are easy, you can buy one of those party games or you can play one that doesn’t need anything else than pen or paper (or even without that). Again, internet dude. It’s always about how many people will attend, because it changes what kind of games you can play. Plan it in advance and everything will be ok.

Music is even easier. Just pop some of the latest hits or your “Shake it baby” playlist (C’mon, we all know you have one) and start having fun. If it’s a good beat, people will jump of their seat and start shaking their ass. If you are not sure on what to play (to shy about the “Shake it baby playlist” hu?) then open a public playlist on Youtube and let people select the tunes in advance. Make sure to give them a week or so, that way you will end up with a nice long playlist you can actually use for your next party. If necessary, you could go old school and pop some LP to amaze them (that’s how I roll when I’m solo, baby) but I do not recommend them at parties because it usually never ends well. CDs are okay though (yeah 90’s kid, I’m talking to you).

Chatting might be one of the most difficult tasks to do. I was a shy geek once (who am I kidding, it wasn’t that long ago) and I know the struggle perfectly well. But my geek friend, I just saved your ass. You don’t know what to talk about? Start on how you planned this cool ass party. Then on how you managed to get the décor or the playlist, hell, you can even amaze them on how you put out all DIY and food by yourself!! Even if you already went through all that material there is still one thing you might have missed… IT’S A GODDAMM FU**ING THEME PARTY! Talk about the theme, you lovable geek!

That’s it. I’m out. *drops mic*

And then back in.

Just one more thing. It’s a rather distinctive gesture that will ensure a great ending to a perfect party. If you’ve been through the geek DIY tutorials, you’ve seen that many are easy and cheap to produce in big quantities. Those are perfect to put as décor but also to give to your friends (by this time of the night they are no longer guests, they are friends) when they leave. Let them loot some of the cheap décor too, or even the leftover food. That will be enough proof for you to know that you rocked that party. Good job, my dear geek.


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