Tales of the Innkeepper

Living on a small town near a big city means that public transport won’t allow for much mobility during the night, wich sucks because you miss all the fun, especially during events like comicons and similars. There usually are two options available when you have a long night of gaming ahead: you either crash at someones place (which means packing an overnight bag, be civilized) or you organize an all nighter. All nighters are fun, and allow for great long (loooong) games to be played, like full campaigns of D&D or good ol’ Republic of Rome. Hopefully, you will reach 5AM with some energy left to play some low maintenance filler, but if not, it’s time to sleep. Remember that playing games when you are tired is one of the main reasons people tend to say they didn’t like it. It’s a question of feeling: if you feel great, you’ll have a great time (if the game is good enough, obiously) and if you are having a shitty night, things will always tend to go downhill. Now, if you play host is an unwritten rule to offer a place to sleep (unless you are from a species than doesen’t sleep, your house is too small or haunted) although comfort is not always assured. All in all, you will find yourself in the shoes of an Innkeepper, face it.

So, if you need to play host for a little longer than expected, play it as if you were hosting a game session: make your friends feel confortable, assure that they are entertained (or that they can sleep if they want to) and prepare for the unexpected. Breakfast can be an issue, so try to buy something beforehand, just in case. We are not talking a gourmet english breakfast with homemade blueberry muffins, but have something at hand easy to make and in enough quantity to feed all your guests. From personal experience, I can tell you that the best option is always to go to some cafe or pub and bond over some hangover cure (grease eggs, bread and beer), but I know money is tight, so choose what you feel is best.

But, as I always say, take this opportunity to break the boardgame barrier and bond over your fantastic geekness. This week my game night will be an allnighter  and the next day we are going to our local ComiCon, and somewhere in between breakfast is assured, which I think is one of the gratest plans ever . Furthermore, breakfast is always a good time to chat (if you are a morning person), talk comics, movies, conventions or plan the next game session, hell who says that 11AM is too early for a game anyways?


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