Tales from the Comic-Con.


It’s been awhile since my last post. I showed the world what a giant mess I am while trying to adapt to the wonderful city that is L.A. Now everything is a bit more under my control. I started my courses in marketing and there might be some opportunities coming soon for me to enter and discover the geek industry. I’m really excited about that.

In the meantime, I’m prepping for THE big event coming up on July 20-24, which is freaking San Diego Comic-Con!! Now, sadly, I didn’t get tickets for the convention itself. I know a lot of you wonderful geeks are on the same spot as me, but I managed to make the most out of the offsite events. And I’m here to tell you how.

I’m a total Comic-Con newbie, and I though some of you out there are too. I thought of setting up a list of fellow bloggers that are doing an amazing work helping us SDCC first-timers. Most of this geeks helped me a lot in discovering what SDCC is. Either via their posts or directly exchanging tweets, the level of acceptance to newcomers is amazing. If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact them, because they are just the most wonderful nerds you’ll find at SDCC.

Be aware that nowadays, between the main event at the convention center and the offsite events all over San Diego, the entertainment offer is unbelievably huge. There’s an event for almost every fandom that is trend right now. From Game of Thrones to Supernatural, videogames to boardgames and even the most gourmet of you will be able to enjoy a craft beer cruise. Take into account that most of the well-known events are already sold out (my bad, I should have written this post in may) but you can still manage to find spots in great places.

You can make it through SDCC just by going to offsite events. And I’m talking about high quality entertainment. I myself will be at the Game of Bloggers 2016 event, going as a newbie and hoping to learn from the best. Some of the big names from the geek blogosphere will be there, so I hope it will improve my game big time. Another amazing event I’ll be attending is SherlockeDCC 2016, for fans of any characterization of the world’s most famous british detective. There is another event I will be at, but cannot reveal which one it is because I’m volunteering and they asked us to be confidential about it. But I can assure you that is an amazing one. I really want to tell you. Really. I can’t!! Don’t look at me like that! Seriously. Well, ok, I’ll tell you. No I can’t. I really can’t. On July 20th all will be revealed.

Regarding the pricing of the events. I know some of you are on a low budget, and I feel you because I have the same problem. We want to go everywhere, buy everything and meet everyone. Sadly, it is not possible. You can, though, enjoy SDCC with a budget, you just have to plan ahead, and this geeks will tell you how. Pro newbie tip: keep in mind that a lot of events search volunteers in exchange for free tickets. You just contribute a little of your time to an event you like and you get to enjoy it for free! I mean, what a sweet deal!!

Regarding travel arrangements and surviving SDCC. Be ready for two things: you can’t prepare for everything and it’s time to dust off those McGiver vhs. I recently asked via Twitter to a gentleman british blogger about how europeans should prepare for SDCC, and he, amazingly, turned it into this post, that I highly recommend.

Once in San Diego, information is power. Even the most prepared geeks can skip on a couple of events they didn’t know about or simply just popped out. This is how a lot of freebies handouts are discovered. Be sure to set your twitter to keep you posted on the amazing nerds and geeks below, because they know their grounds and, if you want to stay on top of it all, you better find a sherpa to guide you. This are the best.


Parks and Cons:  This awesome people go everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Either if you plan on going to SDCC or any other con, this website is a must see.

Unofficial SDCC blog: The Mecca of all things Comic-Con. You will find up-to-date information on everything SDCC did, does and will do. If you go to SDCC and don’t check their blog first, you might as well go blindfolded.

Outside Comic-Con: I mean, it’s self explanatory. This geeks will tell you what’s up outside the convention center and boost your mood if you didn’t get tickets for the convention. There are dozens of events every day for you to choose from. You can choose by fandom, budget or just go ahead and discover some new event you didn’t know about and get to discover amazing people. Go play outside kids.

An Englishman in San Diego: This is a personal favorite. This man helped me start prepping for SDCC and erased my fear to ask what I didn’t know to those who did knew. You should really visit this blog, and if you are european, you will find lots of tips and advice to survive this american event

Crazy 4 Comic Con: This guy is where I would want to be if I didn’t have that social anxiety thing going on. He knows how to create hype and enjoy it. He is the mind behind the Game of Bloggers event this year, so I have a lot to thank him for.

So, long story short: prep, survive, enjoy. See you in San Diego, you wonderful geeks!!