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This blog is about having fun but doing it with style. It’s about combining tabletop games and unforgettable times with friends. It’s about how to stay classy while having a good time. And no, I’m not talking about playing Lords of Waterdeep in a tuxedo (although that might be fun to try). What I’m really talking about is how to help create the proper ambiance on a game session and how attention to detail can really make a difference on the final outcome. If you are reading this, you want to play host on your next game night and want to go a little bit further on creating a great experience for you and your friends. It’s not about creating a gentleman’s club, but it’s close.

I’m not your master and you won’t be my grasshopper, I’m just a geek guy who got really into tabletop games (and some RPGs) and enjoys playing host to his friends. Both allowed me to consider this blog as an outcome of ideas, projects and notes on how to go a little bit further and broad the game experience making it something remarkable. But at the end, I’m here to learn rather than teach. I put a little bit of who I am and what I do on the internet for you to consider and ponder. Feedback is always rewarding, so have no fear my dear.

On this blog we’ll see how to setup your gaming space properly, dos and don’ts regarding food and drinks (with recipes!), low budget gadgets to increase commodity and fun and, overall, tips on how to host the perfect game session.  All of that with some humor and a gentle touch.

So come on in, take a sit and let’s geek.


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